March 23, 2020


UPDATE June 2022

Throughout the country most restrictions have been lifted.  However, we are mindful that this year there have been increased incidences of Covid after gatherings, such as sports events, music events, or just children catching Covid from school. This is a time when we cannot have hard and fast rules, and feel it is up to the individual to decide what they are comfortable with.  There are signs for distancing and mask wearing still present from last year; obviously we cannot enforce these, it is up to the individual. We have a priority that staff should be safe, so there are some measures still in place, i.e. facilities are closed twice a day for cleaning – the cleaning times are posted on the Amenity doors, and there is always an emergency toilet available. Please appreciate that if a member of staff contracts Covid, the functioning of our caravan and tent park will be severely affected.

For the Ladies’ and Men’s facilities and the family rooms, the extra ventilation we put in place before we opened in 2021 makes these safer, but where there are queues of campers or groups of campers, there may be risks. You will find that all our washbasins and WCs are now available (albeit with Perspex screens dividing basins). We hope these are sufficient so that queues will not be necessary. At certain times of day, however, there may be a wait for a particular shower that you wish to use, so there are still tags in place for these, and we hope that you will use them – i.e. take off the numbered tag from the board, just inside the entrance, and return the tag once you have finished.
You will also find advisory notices, which we hope you will follow, but this is up to you.

In the Laundry and Kitchen next to the office most of the restrictions have been lifted. The laundry part is still closed Tuesdays; we hope to open it in the afternoon, but times will vary. The facility is also closed for cleaning when the rest of these amenities are being cleaned.

In the dish-wash room of the tent field, sinks are spaced or separated by a Perspex screen, and a microwave is available. There is no kettle or hotplate, however we have installed a tall glass fronted fridge which can be used provided you label the food as indicated. We will still have the freezer pack service available from the office – register at the office and collect the frozen hire packs from just outside the office door each morning before 10a.m.