UPDATE 18th May 2021

Although we have opened our shared facilities, there will still me some differences from a ‘normal’ year. What has changed?

There is a tag system to reduce the numbers inside at any one time, and unless the tag for your room can be seen from the outside door, you will need to wait until it has been vacated and the tag returned. It is important that these tags are used correctly, i.e. taken off the board when needed and placed on the door of your cubicle until finished, then replaced once more on the board. There are plenty of hand sanitising stations, for your safety. For the Ladies’ and Men’s facilities and the family rooms, the extra ventilation makes them safer too, however basins in open areas have been reduced in order to allow distancing, and can only be used for hand washing after using the toilet. Other activities like toothbrushing, shaving and facials must be done in the closed cubicles or specified room. Cleaning times are posted and there is always an emergency toilet available at these times.

Other amenities both next to the office and in the Tent field are also restricted:

In the amenities next to the office, only one person in the laundry section, one in the dishwash, one in the kitchen and one in the phone charging area at any one time. When these areas are available the tags are on the green section, when in use, move your tag to the red. The laundry part is closed all day Tuesdays, and the whole room is closed at 10p.m. every night and opened after the early morning clean.

In the dishwash room in the tent field, this room is limited to 4 persons, and the sinks have been reduced in number; all appliances apart from 1 microwave have been removed. As no fridges are available, this year you can hire freezer packs free of charge. You will need to register for this, and collect daily from the office between 9 and 10a.m.